Since 2010, FENG GROUP has been helping companies translate goals into reality.

FENG GROUP (FG), founded in 2010 in Germany, is headquartered in Berlin - home of many promising technology startups and one of the world's innovation and creativity hotspots. Besides the local business network across Europe, FG also has very strong roots and valuable connections in China and other Asian markets. Over the years, FG has evolved to become a consulting and investment group specializing in selected topics:

  • Strategy Consulting with emphasis on Innovations & StartUps

  • Global Talent Acquisition and Development of Human Resources

  • Management Consulting for International Operations

  • Cross-border businesses, especially eCommerce, Fintech and digital business models

FENG GROUP has provided critical market, customer, regulatory insights to companies and helped them develop nuanced perspectives in a business world where dynamics are ever-changing.

Among the complex globalized business environment, FG has been assisting companies to stay sharp and focused, constantly creating value, hiring the best talents, entering trendy new market fields, raising funds and protecting businesses from risks.

In line with its focus on emerging markets and technologies, FG diversified into blockchain-based innovations since 2017. Its emphasis lies on assets-oriented products and services based on blockchain technology especially on the real-estate market.

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