A Startup is a battlefield where entrepreneurs fight for survival on a daily basis, while learning about managing, growing and scaling businesses, almost like in an open university. You never stop learning from mistakes that you made, or even better, from experience or mistakes others already made for you.

  • Strategy & Business Models

  • Fundraising & Venture Capital

  • Product & Services

  • Marketing & PR

  • Financials and Cashflow Management

  • Legal & HR

Human Resources and Headhunting

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The world is changing fast. Computer and AI will be taking over more and more human works, yet, Human Resource becomes even more important in organizations in different ways. Right people on the right position will lead to high-performance. Let us help you establish an advanced work force. One of our core strength is to find the best people at the right time and at the right place.

  • Global Headhunting

Digital Innovation &

Product Development

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Innovation is challenging, especially in the digital era. Pioneers look at innovation as a system. They combine a sharp technology with an agile, scalable development process transforming ideas into profitable products.

  • Advanced research & analytics

  • Innovation strategy & decision making

  • Big data & business intelligence

Blockchain &

Token Economy

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Blockchain technology and the token economy represent the next generation of businesses on the internet. With several blockchain projects in development starting from 2017, FENG GROUP shows its expertise in the following areas: 

  • Developing concepts for blockchain-based products and services focusing on digital assets

  • Tokenomics & token design

  • Whitepaper

  • Smart contracts

  • Project management & software development


Post-Merger Integration

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M&A is a common strategy of company growth or exit, depending on buy- or sell-side of the transaction. It's not easy to implement such a transaction, because most of M&As fail and even destroy value. The key is to manage M&A or post-merger activities with know-how along with sector standards, which has already started from the idea and scratch before the moves. Of course the experienced team of FENG GROUP will help you to add lasting value to your company from the very beginning.


Product Inventory

Cross-border eCommerce or trading represents a large portion of global business activities. This attractive, yet complex field requires hardcore experience and expertise. With over 30 years of experience combined in the team, FENG GROUP is your perfect partner for:

  • Developing crossborder eCommerce strategies & offerings

  • Trading sourcing & development

  • Legal and regulations

  • Logistic solutions

  • Market entry & risk analysis